(Prices may vary depending on the persons length and density. Please set up a consultation for an exact quote)

Consultation                                                     Complementary

Deep Conditioning Treatment                          $25

Shampoo/Blowdry                                         $45 and up

Blowdry with Curls                                          $75

Men's Haircut                                                  $45 

Women's Haircut (with BD)                             $75 

Children's Haircut                                            $35 

All Over Color (Single Process & BD)            $130-$150

All Over Color & Cut (with BD)                      $150-$170 

Roots touch-up (with BD)                                $110 

Roots & Cut (with BD)                                     $140 

Partial Highlights (with BD)                            $140 

Partial Highlights & Cut (with BD)                  $170 

Full Highlights (with BD)                                 $175 

Full Highlights & Cut (with BD)                       $205

Ombre/Balayage                                          $195-$300

Color Correction                                             Consultation required

Keratin Treatment                                            $150-$250

Brazilian Blowout (Formaldehyde free)          $150-$250

Brazilian Blowout (at home services only)      $175 and up